Dear Body, By Segilola

Dear Body,

Things haven’t always been easy between us. You’ve given me problems and for a long time I didn’t like you. I often felt disconnected from you, I ignored you, and pretended that I wasn’t inside here. I was angry with you for not fighting back at times when I needed you to. For not cooperating with me or working the way I believed you were supposed to. I saw you as weak. Now I’m beginning to understand and appreciate you.

I’m sorry for all the times that I wasn’t patient. For the times I pushed you past the points you were able to go. For the times that I got upset by things I felt that you should have been ready to do. For not treating you as kindly as I should have. I didn’t understand that it’s a process getting to where you want to be. It takes time to wake up each day and feel comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Now I’m getting to know you and I want to keep getting to know you. I’m amazed daily by all that you can do. I don’t just mean the yoga poses. I’m amazed at how supported I feel by you, legs. How strong you are and how you keep me grounded but also help take me to places I was once too anxious to explore. I’m thankful to you, arms, for supporting me in moments I felt I couldn’t hold on much longer. Every time I stretch you towards the sky it’s a reminder to keep reaching. Lungs, I love you for filling the rest of my body with sweet air and for letting go of the bad and toxic when I no longer need it. Eyes, everyday you help me see the beauty of all that is around me. Mouth, you’re slowly helping me speak the truth, which I used to be afraid to acknowledge.

Body, you are incredible and I’m so happy that each day I’m learning just how remarkable you are. I’m now getting that I have to work with and not against you. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us because so far the journey has been beautiful.




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