To The Girl Who Said No When I Asked Her to Write a Love Letter to Herself

Dear beautiful girl to whom I asked to write a love letter to herself, tonight you broke my heart. I started this blog because I saw too many girls around me who treated their bodies like burdens they were forced to carry for a lifetime. Because I witnessed too many girls looking at their bodies with disdain every time they passed a mirror. Because the quickest way for us girls to bond was to talk about the many things we hate about our bodies, and all the atrocities we put ourselves through to mold our bodies into something worthy of praise. I started this blog because I wanted to remind ourselves that our bodies are magical and absolutely, unapologetically worthy of infinite love.

Tonight you broke my heart because I asked you to write a letter to yourself, and you said no. In fact you replied,

“writing any sort of love letter to my body would simply be dishonest at this point in time. I do not like, much less love my body, and due to this state of mind I would only end up writing things that I don’t mean”.

Dear beautiful girl, oh how I wish I could give you all of the love of this world, as infinite as this universe. I wish I had magic powers to heal your heart, to help you see that right now as you are this very minute, you are enough and worthy of everything good this world can give you.


Tonight you broke my heart, but I must thank you because you reminded of the “self” in self-love. That the journey is one that nobody else can take for you and while I can do my best to provide the safe space for that necessary and honest journey to loving yourself, the work is ultimately down to you. But I strongly believe that we are all interconnected, so I take responsibility for my part in your journey and I want you to know that you are made on purpose and nothing about you is a mistake. I hope you know that your eyes are enchanting and your smile is mesmerizing. I hope you know most of all that beyond your body, your person your soul your mind are worthy of love.

I hope one day you write that letter and you let me publish it. Until then, come back here once in a while and we will all love you for you until you can do it yourself.

Dear beautiful girl, you are worth all of the love you think you deserve, but it’s a love that only you can give you.


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