A Love Letter

I love you with the awe and deep respect of the divinity in you, and with the deep compassion you’d give a child trying out its first steps. I passionately believe in your ability to live extraordinarily, but I know  there will be times when you have no idea what you’re doing and that’s ok. This adventure, we’re in it together.

What I really want, is to be there for everything. To be your lullaby when you nestle your broken dreams in my arms, and also be your biggest cheerleader when you soar high into your greatness. I need you to know that I’ll be there if you need a hand to hold and leap into the abyss. I’ll be there to celebrate if you leap and land onto a bed of feathers, and also there to nurse your wounds if your leaps leave you broken.

This feeling of inadequacy, of scarce self-worth, of immobilizing fear, of wanting to escape your body, of wishing you had a different one, it doesn’t have to be your whole story. But I do want you to allow yourself to have bad days. To curse the entire universe, to cry if you need to, to feel defeated if you need to. But please allow yourself to come back, to rise back, to fight back. Believe that no matter what, the universe is rigged in your favor so all will be well. And I will be there the whole time.

Dear self, I choose you. I choose you everyday, on the days when I’m strong, on the day when I can’t, on the days when I don’t feel like it, I choose you. Because you deserve it. You deserve everything. Sorry it took me so long.

This is the love letter you should have written to yourself a long time ago. Know that it won’t always feel true, but this is your bread crumbs. for when you get lost in a never ending maze of self-loathing. No matter how far you  drift off, it will help you find my way back. 

Do you love you1

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