Dear Body, For a Long Time I Struggled To Love you. By Ruth Krug

unnamed-3Dear Body,

I love you.

Actually, I am in love with you.

For a long time I struggled to find myself, to love you. I thought you were to blame. But I desperately sought to love you, to hold you, to believe in my heart you were worth loving.

My abusers tore our relationship apart. I saw you, my own body, only as an object, too, not as a lover.

I did not value your potential to feed me love. I thought it only came from others, not from you.

I now realize my body is not an object, or a payment, only seen and used for sexual desire and power.

My body is an authentic expression of the woman, the human being, I have become despite abuse, harassment, neglect and violence.
My body refuses to remain a powerless victim to the world and reality around me.

I am a survivor with an empowering story to tell.

My bold and beautiful runner thighs represent my internal power and strength.

My feminine energy and womanly curves will shine and be celebrated, not shamed.

I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am intelligent.
I am curious.
I am a magnificent expression of love, peace and grace.10173548_10154078436535694_1967709565340486425_n 2

I may fall, but I will always rise, again and again.

Bodies we must reclaim our internal power.
We must rediscover the softness of our heart.
We must learn to love ourselves for who we really are.

We are dreamers.
Truth seekers.
Symbolizing divine life.

Let us stand with the trees.
Let us salute the sun.
Always remaining mesmerized at the sky.
It will lead us to our freedom.

We must come together ad embrace our bodies together.
They are the temple to our heart and soul.
Remain still and remember where you came from.


Embrace your roots.
Challenge societal expectations.
Reclaim your inner goodness.
And your inner warrior.
Cherish and honor each part.
Don’t be afraid to love your body.
You are worthy.
You are an authentic expression of love.
You are brave.

Learn to love every piece of yourself so others will feel called to love themselves too.

You are the warrior the world needs.
You are the light.
Shine bright.


Fall in love with yourself and stay there.

With all my heart,

Photo on 12-12-14 at 10.54 AM #3

do you love you

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