5 Reasons You Definitely Want To Donate To Tiossan’s Campaign in Senegal

woman smiling while looking at the camera, her head tilted to the right
Magatte Wade, Founder of Tiossan

“Nit Niteye Garabam”. In wolof, a language from Senegal, this means “mankind will be the cure for mankind”. It is in this spirit that I bring to you this crowdfunding campaign to build a production facility and entrepreneurial school in Senegal for Tiossan, the skin care company from world class entrepreneur Magatte Wade. With your donations, this project will transform the lives of many Senegalese and set an exemplary model for the way business is done in African countries. Here are a few reason why your dollars are going to a great project.


  • Your Skin, your body will thank you

Magatte’s  native culture has a long history of body love, including the ritual where in the first 45 days of a child, the mother gives daily massages using all natural healing ingredients. These ingredients that have been used for centuries by the women of Senegal are the exact same ones you will find in the Tiossan Skincare line.

I discovered Magatte and her line when I was beginning my journey of body love. Still learning to undo years of self-abuse and rebuilding habits of love and compassion for myself.  Using the Tiossan products became a ritual of deliberate, committed love for my body. The product leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, while the smell soothes and calms your mind. It’s a spa in your own home. Magatte is so devoted to promote self-care that she would often have events in Nordstrom where her products are sold where she would teach people skin care habits like hot towel treatments for your hands or dry brushing for the entire body.

Magatte strongly believes that when you feel good, you do good. So not only is Tiossan dedicated to your self-care, its founder wants to empower you to change the world. Donate $25 for example, you will receive the travel size products from her line which will transform the way you take care of your skin; at the same time, you bring her closer to her goal for the facility in Senegal. Donate, receive the products, try them, thank me later.


  • Criticize by Creating

These three words are Magatte Wade’s motto. She has given countless talks on entrepreneurship all over the world including Guatemala, France, Brazil, The United Nations, Harvard, Yale just to name a few. There is nothing that Magatte will say in her talk that she hasn’t tried first. If she sees a problem, she will build a business to fix it or inspire someone to do it. From her upcoming entrepreneurial school, her organization eye to eye generation, all natural skin care line, women’s empowerment with her first company , or following and exceeding international labor laws with this upcoming project. Everything Magatte Wade finds wrong with the world, she has figured out a way to create solutions through her businesses.

The late Wangari Maathai often told the story of a hummingbird who upon witnessing a forest fire, goes from the river to the fire carrying water in its beak to extinguish it while all the other animals watch on. The hummingbird is determined to do everything it can with what it has and encourages others to do the same but never stopping the work. Magatte Wade is that hummingbird, relentless in her dedication to heal the ills of the world and refuses to wait for anyone.

Be a hummingbird and please give what you can. Do not underestimate that your dollar or sharing the campaign is significant to the success of the project.


  • This is the company you dream to work for

The production facility has a vision that makes me immensely envious of its future employees. It will include benefits such as:

  • An onsite daycare facility
  • A clinic that combines western and Senegalese healing practices
  • A flexible work schedule
  • A cafeteria serving healthy meals prepared by a local chef, using local ingredients
  • An entrepreneurial school to provide world class training and inspire students to think outside the box

Remember how everyone wanted to work for Google? I say we all quit and move to Senegal to work for Tiossan. Let me update my resume guys.


  • The facility is really an ecosystem of jobs creation in Senegal

Every year, hundreds of Senegalese risk their lives to cross dangerous waters in search of employment in Europe. Tiossan seeks to reduce the death rate by providing the jobs they are drowning to get. The building of the facility itself is already creating employment. In addition, upon completion we are looking at the hiring and training of employees from various industries including agriculture, engineering, supply chain management, food and hospitality, child care, and health and wellness; all in order to sustain what will be a remarkable place to work.  Isn’t this what it feels like to take part in something revolutionary?



  • She will revolutionize the education system

Magatte is well aware that the education system in Senegal while it is a rigorous one, does not necessarily champion innovation and entrepreurship. Rather than let that stop her, she wants to create a school that will nurtures those qualities. The school will be modeled after the critically acclaimed Khabele Strong Incubator, an Austin based school praised for creating the space to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in teens. Lesotho. Inc. Magazine dubbed this model of schools A new idea for unleashing waves of conscious entrepreneurs.


So there you have it. With every dollar you give, every link you post on your social media feed, you are participating in a revolutionary project that is sure to transform many lives. Go ahead and click the link! You know you want to!



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