Forget About Love, Start With Forgiveness

This is where it starts
When I began this blog, I was determined to collect love letters. I asked a lot of people to write love letters to their bodies because I was convinced it was the perfect catalyst to a much needed journey of self love.  I eventually realized this was not the best approach because you don’t have to love yourself if you don’t know how. Instead, try forgiveness.  Forgive yourself for feeling like a stranger in your own home. Forgive yourself for not knowing quite exactly how to be kind, compassionate and caring with yourself. Just dwell in this first step for now. Do nothing else but forgive. Breathe and forgive. Say it with me. “Dear body, I just don’t know how to be good to you. Forgive me”. That’s it. For today, and maybe for about a month, let this be all you can do. Forgive. And there you go, one step towards loving yourself. Introducing the first letter of forgiveness, courtesy of Kelly Browning. Check her blog at Sunrise Thoughts.


To The Body That Keeps My heart Beating

I’m sorry.


In my rush to be everything I wanted
I forgot to be everything you need.
I left you behind in my greedy and
Desperate search for happiness

I looked for it in the mirror today
You were gone.
And it was nowhere to be found.

I’m sorry you don’t feel the drops of sweat like you crave

I’m sorry I gave you too much sweetness and not enough
Of that tough love they always talk about.

And I’m sorry nobody calls you beautiful anymore.

It’s not because you aren’t
Trust me, If I could take apart the abuses I’ve dealt on you
And uncover the true likeness underneath…

You are beautiful.

I’m sorry I’ve forgotten… I’m sorry I haven’t loved you
Hugged you, kissed you more.
I know you’re sore.. and tired.. and weighed down
But I think I’ve almost found my way.
They say acceptance is the first


I see you. I see your bruises, my faults.
And I’m sorry.

(To: the body that keeps my heart beating)

Editor’s note: I encourage you to start writing a letter of forgiveness to yourself, for all those times you tried and failed to love yourself, or to mold your body into something you thought would finally be worth loving. Write the letter and put it somewhere you can see all the time, share with us if you want, and I will publish it on the blog. send your forgiveness letter to

logo made of a lady stick figure. a circle for the head, slightly bigger circle for the bust, and a bigger half circle for the bottom. on the right it reads "the dearbody project. Do you love you?"

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