How Do You Love You? Let us Count The Ways. Welcome to 31 Days of Self-Compassion

white background, quote enclosed in a heart says " 31 days of self compassion. Do you love you?

It’s the first day of August, and I want to go on and adventure with you. In the journey to rebuild a better relationship with ourselves, we focus on self-love as the indicator that this relationship is going in the right direction.

The issue is that for many of us, going from years of self-loathing to self-love seems like an impossible jump over a scary canyon. That’s where self-compassion comes in, as the bridge to help us get from point A to B. To help us get through the a process by making the journey a little less scary.

Changing your relationship with your body from self-loathing to self-loving requires a lot of unlearning the habits which suffocated your self of Self worth.  In The next 31 days, we are going to explore different ways in which we can map a way back to ourselves through Self-Compassion.

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Day 1: The theme is Forgiveness

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When I think about the battle I’ve been waging against my body for years, I am I awe of the resilience and unreserved love that my body demonstrated through all the mistreatment. I think about the days of starvation, binge eating then throwing up, hours in the gym pushing through injuries, the negative self-talk, the running away from people who loved me.
My body’s loyalty is unmatched. My body is an alchemist. Taking all the pain, the neglect, the loathing, and managing to extract enough to not only survive, but thrive.
The beginning of healing, is recognizing our body’s unreserved love, and saying sorry. An apology is like waving a white flag, a cease fire in this war where your body is both the battlefield and the casualty.
I’m sorry body, that it took me so long to recognize the magnificence that you are. For always wanting more than the abundance you are already giving me. I’m putting down my weapons. Let’s make peace

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