Your Mother’s Insecurities Don’t have to be Yours

This video from interactive documentary {THE AND}, is a perfect example of the ways in which our parents often pass down their insecurities to us, in trying to shield us from the struggle associated with body image issues. The sad truth unfortunately, is that they often end up being the catalyst of the battle we wage against our body, desperately trying to mold it into something worthy of love.

The battle to reshape our body image when we are young can be difficult when it comes to letting go our parent’s views because as a child, everything our parent’s say is Gospel. When you look up to your parents as perfect beings who can do no wrong, you start to question yourself a lot. You know that their comments about your body are damaging but you’re afraid to speak up because deep down you wonder whether you’re the one who is unreasonable. That is why it is so important as we grow up, to change our relationships with our parents. To allow them to put down their cape, step down from the pedestal on which we put them, and let them be flawed human being.

Our parents did the best they could with what they knew.

This is the first step of many, where you will then learn to let go of this legacy of low self-esteem that your parents gave you as emotional inheritance. Once you understand your mother’s approach to body image came from her own insecurities and a desperate attempt to shield you from that struggle, it gives you permission to let go. You don’tĀ  have to hold on, to carry her insecurities in our bones until they become yours. The crusade should have never been your own, so it’s ok to put down the arms.


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