When I first started this project, I made a huge mistake.

I wanted people to write love letters to their body, as a way to introduce the concept of self-love to them. What I soon realized is that most people aren’t able to write a love letter to themselves, precisely because they don’t know how to love themselves. In fact it has never even felt like a possibility.

But do you know why you, and many of us don’t know how to do this self-love thing, because just like everything else in our lives, it is yet another thing that we feel we have to earn. We can’t envision self-love until we’ve lost x amount of pounds. Until we have this diploma or this job. Until we have this person in our life.

Self-love is an unattainable goal if you already believe your are unworthy of anything good in the world.

Then what are we doing?

This is where self-compassion comes in.  It tells you, forget about earning anything, about feeling worthy of anything. Right where you are this very minute, you need to stop the war you’ve been waging against yourself. Stop. Breathe. Look at where you are right now and have some compassion. For your struggle. For your feelings of unworthiness. For not knowing how to love you. For the frustration. For the self-abuse. Just stop, breathe, and try a little tenderness.


Self-compassion teaches you that there is nothing you need to earn. You simply learn to rebuild a relationship of tenderness and understanding with yourself, with your body. And through this practice of self-acceptance, you will suddenly realize that you focus less and less on self-love as a destination, but as the vehicle with which you navigate the world.

You’ve always been good enough. Come along with me so we can learn this together. Self-compassion will teach us how.

16936190_10210761764752652_368206600_oFeel like writing a letter of love to your body? We’d love to publish it on the blog. Email your letter to thebodyloveletters@gmail.com


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