What Do you Think of the Dear Body Project?



You Need to know that even if it feels like no one cares or is listening to you, they are. You are impossible to ignore. Even your outspoken pain is beautiful. Your words are buried in others’ hearts. You are speaking directly to all of us.

~~~Mary Metzger.


I just want to Tell you How inspired I am by your writing. You are such an amazing writer and I’m so proud of you. Please never stop writing, you inspire a log of people with your words!

~~~Chinelo Obi


Your writing is healing. The world needs your voice and words, it’s empowering. I could totally understand you and I thought, there is a woman who gets it and isn’t afraid to share it with the world.  Your writing is so real, and I’m grateful for that.

~~~Ruth Krug


Isabelle Masado you are sacred grounds. You are an ancient spirit. All things spiritual feel grateful for your existence. Mother Universe says thank you for knowing how to hold space for a daughter. Shine on!

~~~Hosanna Carol